PewDiePie Raises Over $340k For Charity Save The Children

Not only is PewDiePie the #1 most subscribed person on YouTube, but he’s also one of the few creators on the platform that consistently use their influence to better the world.

On March 21, 2014 the Pewds, real name Felix Kjellberg, hit 25 million subscribers on YouTube and celebrated by launching an Indiegogo campaign to raise money for Save the Children. The campaign ran for two months, and in that time Felix gained more than two million subscribers, perfectly demonstrating the incredible growth of YouTube as a platform and the huge potential creators have to bring a large group of people together for a good cause.

Felix offered a range of ‘perks’ to incentivize people to give, from the chance to join him in a group video chat for $300, to the chance to have a ‘Fridays With PewDiePie’ video (one of his more popular series) dedicated to your company for $50,000.

The campaign launched with an initial goal of $250,000, which he smashed in just three weeks. Ultimately, the campaign exceeded its original goal by almost $100,000, with 6,319 people chipping in to raise a total of $342,828 for charity.

Felix also supported the campaign by hosting a weekly sale where his viewers could name a price to buy for some of his favorite games, with the proceeds going to the charity. He also agreed to donate a dollar for every thousand views his video introducing the campaign (below) receives. With the view count now at 3.5 million, Felix will personally donate at least $3,500 to the charity.

This campaign marks the second time Felix has leveraged his audience to raise money for charity, continuing an increasingly charitable streak among many popular YouTubers. Just last year, Felix raised over $446k for Chairty Water, which was enough to provide clean water for more than 25,000 people in drought-stricken areas. Jack & Finn Harries and Tyler Oakley are also just a few of the YouTubers who held highly successful charitable fundraisers over the past year.

Save the Children is a British charity that provides emergency aid for families during natural disasters and conflicts all over the world. They also have an ongoing mission to help underprivileged youth gain access to better healthcare, education, and economic opportunities. They have been effectively using social media to raise awareness of their work all around the world, and they are particularly active with the YouTube community. So active that they are now looking to hire a full-time vlogger.

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