PewDiePie Releases Mobile App

Felix Kjellberg, better known as PewDiePie, has already taken gaming on YouTube to new levels by amassing an incredible 29 million subscribers on his main YouTube channel – Making him the number one most subscribed person on the platform. Now, it seems he’s set his sights on mobile by releasing an app.

The free app, created by his Multi-Channel Network (MCN) Maker Studios and released earlier this week, allows users to watch his videos, make lists of their favorite videos, and share clips with friends on social media, email, and text message.

Click here to download the PewDiePie app.

The latest statistics released by YouTube show that almost 40% of all watch time on the platform happens on mobile, which is a huge increase from just a few years ago. However, many creators are seeing engagement and repeat views on mobile platforms fall, which is forcing them to look for new mobile distribution options elsewhere. For many of the most popular YouTubers, making their own apps is the ideal solution to this problem.

Former YouTube exec Bing Chen recently revealed that he has been working on a platform that will make it easy for YouTubers (particularly those without the resources PewDiePie has access to) to build their own mobile apps ever since leaving the Google-owned company. Called Victorious, the service will allow users to watch videos, buy merchandise, interact with creators and other fans, and much more.

Although PewDiePie’s app has a limited set of functions in comparison, there is scope to add new features in the future.

Maker Studios, which was acquired by Disney in a deal worth up to $950M, has already released apps for many of its other partners, including Epic Rap Battles and Bart Baker.

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