Peter Dinklage and Morgan Freeman Super Bowl Ad

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Peter Dinklage and Morgan Freeman Super Bowl Ad

You’re probably more likely to see Morgan Freeman and Peter Dinklage on the awards-show circuit than on TV during a football game, hawking chips and soda. But hey, it’s the Super Bowl, and when it’s the Super Bowl, all the normal Hollywood rules go out the window.

Freeman and Dinklage are “facing off” in a Super Bowl commercial this year, advertising both Doritos’ new, spicy Blaze chips and Mountain Dew’s clear Ice drink, which features some real juice. (This isn’t the first Super Bowl ad for Freeman, who last year starred in an incredibly soothing ad for Turkish Airlines.)

According to a press release, it’s the first time one company will advertise two of its trademarks back to back during a Super Bowl ad. Both Mountain Dew and Doritos skipped advertising during the 2017 game; Doritos was known for its 10-year “Crash the Super Bowl” campaign, which invited people to submit their own ads, and Mountain Dew most recently ran a creepy “PuppyMonkeyBaby” ad to promote their Kickstart drinks.

It’s unclear whether this will be a minute-long ad to showcase both products, or if it will be two separate commercials airing one after the other. But given the brand’s teaser for the commercial, with Dinklage and Freeman looking like they’re about to throw down in a Serious-Actor-Off, it looks like the first option is the most likely. Either way, in just a 15-second teaser alone, they’re bringing far more gravitas than a Super Bowl ad deserves.

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