Our2ndLife Documentary In The Works

A documentary about YouTube collab group Our 2nd Life is in the works.

The group, better known as “O2L,” has seen their popularity skyrocket over the past year; and with the recent spate of movie deals YouTubers have signed, it only makes sense that the most popular collab group on YouTube get some action on the silver screen as well.

The multi-channel network that manages O2L’s channel, Fullscreen, has announced they are spearheading production on a ‘behind the scenes’-style documentary that will follow the boys as they embark on their first nationwide tour.

O2L members Kian Lawley, Connor Franta, JC Caylen, Ricky Dillon, Trevor Moran, and Sam Pottorff will visit more than 16 cities on their tour, which started on May 28 and ends at VidCon in June. The group were also featured performers at the latest DigiTour event.

“O2L’s massive fan base is difficult to rival and the live production gives them the ability to captivate and engage with fans in each tour city… The collaboration with DigiTour Media has been paramount in developing O2L’s first series of live shows.,” Fullscreen’s head of talent said Larry Shapiro told Mashable.

Veteran producer Michael Goldfine, who has worked with Oprah Winfrey and Kevin Hart, has signed on to produce the documentary. Goldfine has taken an active interest in YouTube recently, producing YouTubers The Brothers Riedell‘s first feature film “Camp Takota” starring Grace Helbig, Hannah Hart, and Mamrie Hart, and is said to be incredibly excited to tell O2L’s story.

This documentary is the latest in a string of content deals networks have been revealed over the past few months. Fullscreen has already invested almost $5 million in a feature film being produced by The Fine Bros., and AwesomenessTV is producing a movie with vine stars Nash Grier and Cameron Dallas.

It’s safe to say they won’t sweat any funds they put into making this doc. The fangirls with be out in droves to see their favorite teen/early twenties heart-throbs.


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