Nickelodeon Greenlights The Fine Bros’ ‘React’ TV Series

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This article: The Fine Brothers get a TV deal.

Yes, that’s right. Childrens network Nickelodeon has officially ordered a new television show based on YouTube comedy duo The Fine Bros’ popular YouTube ‘React’ series. The network has ordered 13 episodes of the show, titled ‘ReactToThat,’ which will feature kids giving their opinion on viral videos in a similar format to their YouTube series.

The show will be produced by Nick Cannon’s N’Credible Entertainment production company, which also produces his Wild’n’Out series. Nick Cannon is a creative consultant for Nickelodeon and the Chairman of TeenNick, and will also serve as an Executive Producer for the show.

Nickelodeon has been trying to re-capture a young audience that increasingly turns to the internet for entertainment for years now. In 2010, the network adapted a movie based on YouTuber Lucas Cruikshank’s Fred Figglehorn character and more recently forced with DreamWorks-owned YouTube network AwesomenessTV to develop joint programming for both television and the internet. This new deal with The Fine Bros. only marks the continuation of that endeavor.

Benny, 33, and brother Rafi, 30, have been on YouTube since 2007. However, their channel TheFineBros only started to really take off after the launch of their ‘Kids React’ series on 2010. The success of ‘Kids React’ spurned new offshoots of the popular ‘React’ concept, such as ‘Teens React,’ ‘Elders React,’ and ‘YouTubers React’ and caused the brothers popularity to skyrocket.

Their channel has now amassed a shocking 1.5 Billion views over the years, and has over 8 million subscribers.

The Fine Bros. have tried to make the jump to television for some time now. Another YouTube channel run by the brothers, MyMusic, features a mockumentary sitcom that was originally developed for television. After YouTube invested money in the concept as part of their -now failed- $100 million original channels project, the brothers adapted the series for the internet.

MyMusic provided the perfect stepping stone for the brothers to hone their writing, production, and directing skills, setting the stage many more ‘wins’ for the hard-working brothers. It was recently announced the pair are working on a feature film financed by YouTube Network Fullscreen to the tune of $5 million. They are also developing a show for the Food Network and working on the pilot for a more mainstream take on their ‘React’ concept for the Sundance Channel.

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