Nic Cage Goes Full Nic Cage in the ‘Mom and Dad’ Trailer

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Nic Cage Goes Full Nic Cage in the ‘Mom and Dad’ Trailer

The idea that behind bucolic suburban landscapes lurks a malevolent darkness that strikes at the heart of the American psyche isn’t exactly new. So the premise of the upcoming Mom and Dad—doting upper-middle class parents turn on their children in a murderous hoard—isn’t quite as transgressive as the film’s creators might have hoped. But none of that really matters, because the movie’s trailer promises that it will be chock-full of Nicolas Cage batshittery, and that’s all the world really needs in 2018.

Mom and Dad, which will be in theaters on January 19th, stars Cage and Selma Blair as the titular parental unit, and it all looks like the most delicious kind of trash. It’s rare to see big-time actors having quite this much fun with thoroughly B-movie material, and watching Cage going ham with a sledgehammer while screaming vulgarities during his rendition of the hokey pokey is truly a sight to behold. So behold it below.

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