MuchMusic Unveils New YouTube MCN

Much (better known as MuchMusic) have revealed their new MCN, Much Digital Studios, to the world.

The Canadian television network is best known as a popular source of music videos and American comedies like ‘Board City’ and ‘Workaholics.’ But it looks like airing other people’s content wasn’t enough for them so they’ve joined forces with twelve popular YouTubers, including JusReign and 4YallEntertainment, to launch a new MCN.

The deal will see Much closely collaborate with these creators and produce new content to entertain and educate their audience, while giving their new creators more control than ever over content and distribution. Most MCNs have to spend months crossing t’s and dotting i’s trying to get their creators on television. But with Much, television distribution of their content appears to be a key part of the deal.

Since their launch in 1984, Much have always targeted a younger demographic. First with music videos, before later switching to focus on televised comedies. Now, that younger audience is seeking entertainment away from television entirely, and launching an MCN isn’t a bad way to hold onto that audience just a little longer.

Watch Much Digital Studios’ launch announcement below:

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