Mila Kunis Told Ellen About Ashton Kutcher’s Valentine’s Day Fail

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Mila Kunis Told Ellen About Ashton Kutcher’s Valentine’s Day Fail

Love is impossible. You start by dating, which is hell. And then you have to figure out how to navigate a relationship with someone, which is never easy either. And if you’ve managed to do that, you’re haunted by the pending annual pressure of getting the right Valentine’s Day gift. This week, we learned that not even the benefits of fame and fortune can protect you from a misstep.

Mila Kunis visited Ellen on Tuesday, and when the subject of Valentine’s Day came up, she came clean about the botched gesture that Ashton Kutcher attempted this year.

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Mila Kunis on a red carpet in 2015.

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After Kunis, Kutcher, and their two children watched a family of birds nest right outside their kitchen window, Kutcher decided to surprise his wife with two lovebirds of their own. Turns out, he got duped at the pet store in the process. After taking the two blue birds to an avian expert, Kutcher learned he had actually purchased two parakeets. For what it’s worth, lovebirds are typically green, red, and yellow, but who can blame Kutcher for not knowing that? Specifically, Kunis said, “Budgies. We have budgies.”

There are worse birds you could choose though. According to this random website focused on horoscopes and mysticism, parakeets are typically monogamous and represent loyalty and trust, so Kutcher may be out some money after getting conned by a fake bird salesman, but at least he got a couple of family pets. Take it as a bit of karma for all those years he spent punking everyone else.

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