Mashable, Tastemade & IGN Join Snapchat Discover

Snapchat is preparing to add a trio of new media brands to its Discover page.

Tech blog Mashable, food network Tastemade, and video game news and resource publisher IGN are gearing up to produce daily content for service and join a Snapchat Discover roster that already includes major media brands like CNN, ESPN, and the Daily Mail, to name just a few.

Snapchat Discover

When Snapchat rolled out Discover at the beginning of 2015, they promised to cap the number of publishers allowed on the platform at 12. Just last month some of the less popular Discover publishers, Yahoo and Warner Music, were replaced by iHeartRadio and Buzzfeed.

However, with the introduction of this new trio of brands, Snapchat is expanding its roster to fit a total of 15 publishers.

The move makes perfect sense as Snapchat continues to expand its content offerings to satisfy the wide gamut of interests held by its close to 100 million active users. When Warner Music was dropped from Discover, Snapchat replaced it with a large music brand (iHeartRadio) to make sure music content remains well-represented on their platform. However, technology, gaming, and food are incredibly popular niches that were not well represented on Snapchat. And it seems the addition of these new channels will fix that.

“Gaming and geek culture have become dominant voices in pop culture,” IGN co-founder Peer Schneider said in a statement. “IGN will give Snapchat’s core demographic of 13- to 34-year-olds something new to talk about and share every day.”

IGN has plans to develop several new series specifically for Snapchat, including an office ‘behind the scenes’ show and an interactive program featuring fan art. Re/Code also reports that IGN’s content will be supported by Universal pictures while Coke will sponsor Tastemade’s channel.

Advertising has always been a big part of Discover deals; both for media publishers and advertisers. Even the biggest companies in the world would balk at the $750,000 per day minimum ad spend Snapchat levies on their advertisers. However, Discover publishers are permitted to sell their own advertising at a much more reasonable rate.

Advertisers are happy to get started with a more reasonable spend while publishers are happy that, in an industry where CPMs for video content is falling fast, they can command and impressive average CPM of $150 inside Snapchat’s garden of immersive, full-screen video content.

These unique economics are one of many reasons why Snapchat has been incredibly successful in doing something no other app developer has been able to do: Convincing publishers to host its content on someone else’s platform.

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