Maker Studios Lays Off 10% Of Their Workforce

Maker Studios is cutting its staff… Again…

The YouTube multi-channel network, which was just acquired by The Walt Disney Company in a deal that could be worth up to $950m, is preparing to lay off almost 10% of its workforce.

The company’s head count currently stands at 380 employees, but that number is set to drop next week as the company looks to adjust its talent pool.

Speaking to Variety about the layoffs, a company spokesperson said: “Maker’s business is constantly evolving, and we routinely reassess our internal resources and make strategic adjustments, reducing staff in some areas while actively hiring in others.”

This isn’t the first time Maker has had to let employees go. The company has jettisoned over 100 employees over the past two years in three rounds of layoffs, primarily affecting their animation division and their subsidiary that manages their smaller partners – RPM.

The reason for this round of layoffs isn’t clear, and Maker certainly isn’t the first MCN that has had to drop employees as they attempt to make a flawed business model work. While they have clearly been shifting focus to own and operate more of their own content, backing this up with significant investment in new technology such as Maker.TV, the company is likely to be attempting to cut costs in the wake of their acquisition.

Comscore ranks Maker as the fourth largest YouTube MCN, with 24.4 million unique visitors in the U.S., behind ZEFR, Fullscreen, and VEVO.

Stephen Doble

From his London office, Stephen leads our new media industry coverage at Videoter.

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