Maker Studios Jumps Into Video Distribution With Maker.TV

Maker Studios has unveiled a self-branded content portal to showcase their partner’s content.

Their new platform was announced yesterday, just hours before the YouTube Multi-Channel Network’s own self-hosted NewFront event. In a perfect statement for the incredible growth of this company, which was recently acquired by Disney in a deal worth up to $1 billion, YouTube MCN Maker Studios held their own NewFront event just a week after YouTube itself hosted one.


Dubbed Maker.TV, the brand new video platform will stream Maker’s growing library of content; helping it build its brand off-YouTube and attract new premium advertising without YouTube taking their aggressive 45% cut of their partner’s earnings.

The platform is an extra portal for Maker’s content, but it will eventually expand to include premium content that will not be made available on YouTube, according to the WSJ. The Culver City-based company will ramp up its original content production with the help of Erin McPherson, who was Yahoo’s Chief Content Officer before being poached to make sure Maker’s ambitious plans for the platform become a reality.

“We will access the Disney library to create all forms of new short-form content,” Maker’s Chief Content Officer McPherson said in the NewFront presentation. This closely echoes Bob Iger’s statement about how Disney will use Maker’s strengths after the acquisition, and creates endless possibilities for cross-overs and collaborations as Disney starts to open up their brands to their new acquisition.

Maker is also boosting their content offering with a new project called [email protected], which will see the network use big name talent like (who has been officially partnered with Maker since early this year), James Franco, skateboarder Nyjah Huston, and Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman to produce exclusive content with Maker’s growing creative team. Pepsi will also bring a branded element to Maker Labs, partnering with the company to create a branded experience similar to their collaboration with singer and Maker partner Mike Tompkins in 2013.

These new platforms and partnerships are already starting to pay off for the company. Maker has secured an upfront advertising deal with ad agency Omnicom which, according to AdAge, is worth tens of millions of dollars. The deal gives Omnicom’s advertisers exclusive access to [email protected] content, which is a major win for the company. Also, if you read our Editor’s thoughts on the Disney’s acquisition of Maker, it should come as no surprise that  the Walt Disney Company is an Omnicom client.

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