Magic of Rahat Rallies The Internet To Buy A Homeless Man A House

If you read my last blog post, you’d know I’m not the biggest fan of a lot of YouTube Pranksters. But the actions of YouTube prank channel MagicOfRahat is something I can really get behind.

Best known of his hilarious ‘drive-thru’ pranksRahat Hossain is the man behind that YouTube channel – A master magician with a heart of gold and a talent for social action.

Back in March Rahat ‘Pranked’ a homeless man named Eric, giving him a winning scratch card. Though it was fake, with the help of an accomplice store owner, Rahat gave the man $1,000. The video immediately went viral, and 15 million people have now seen the good deed by Rahat, and Eric’s own selfless act in trying to share the money with him.

After the ‘Homeless Lottery Winner’ video (above) went viral, Rahat started a campaign to raise money for Eric. With the help of Rahat’s subscribers, Redditors around the world, and others that took up the cause, the internet has collectively donated $44,000 to help Eric.

With that money, Rahat was able pay rent on a house for Eric for one year, furnish it, and give him over $21,000 to keep him going. Not that he will need it. With Rahat’s help, Eric was able to get a job, so he will be able to support himself and the new roof he has over his head.

To top it all off, Rahat and his company Penguin Magic will be donating 100% of the ad revenue he makes from this video to local homeless charities. Hats off to you, Sir.

Watch the incredible video below:

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