Last Chance U Season 5 Will Move to Laney College For Netflix’s Football Series

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Last Chance U Season 5 Will Move to Laney College For Netflix’s Football Series

Netflix’s popular sports-doc series, Last Chance U, has given us the best (and worst) of junior college football: legendary meltdowns from coaches Buddy Stephens and Jason Brown, to unforgettable redemption stories from the likes of Dakota Allen and John Franklin III.

It looks like we’ll be getting more next summer—but not with Brown’s Independence Pirates. Netflix will ship out of the Midwest and head to Oakland, California, where they’ll feature Coach John Beam and the Laney College Eagles. Netflix confirmed the season renewal to Esquire via phone late Friday afternoon.

“We feel fortunate to be picked up for a fifth season and feel equally lucky to be able to tell the story of the California JUCO system through the stories found at Laney College and in the city of Oakland, California,” said Last Chance U director Greg Whitley in an email. “Coach Beam has had a Hall of Fame career, and as he begins his 40th year coaching we’re thrilled at the chance we’ll get to tell the stories found on the team, the school, and within the city of Oakland itself.”

After what happened to Independence in Season Four, it looks like we’ll be back to following a powerhouse program, like East Mississippi Community College in Seasons One and Two. Under Beam’s leadership, Laney has produced over 20 NFL players—not to mention the Eagles are coming off a championship season, as the 2018 CCCAA winners.

And thankfully, it looks like Coach Beam is the supportive type—a little more Lombardi than what we’ve seen in past seasons. The Mercury News, a daily newspaper based in San Jose, spoke with Beam, who recounted his first address in front of Netflix’s cameras to his 2019-2020 squad.

“I told them we’re not Last Chance U… We’re your first chance. We’re your Best Chance U,” he said. “I said you’re not [rejects]. All those kids from the other shows either left school, got kicked out from a four-year school or something. Well, that’s not us. You’re the kids who came here for a reason. To better your grades or better you football outlook. We’re your best chance.”

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