Kate McKinnon Played Elizabeth Warren on Saturday Night Live

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Kate McKinnon Played Elizabeth Warren on Saturday Night Live

The countless Trump-centric cold opens have sucked a lot of the air out of Saturday Night Live’s political segments, and most of the show’s sketches about the Democrats’ 2020 slate have basically been a parade of impressions, with each performer and the candidate they’re aping only getting a few moments to shine. That’s why last night’s cold open, which featured Kate McKinnon as Elizabeth Warren at an Iowa town hall, was seriously refreshing. It gave a sustained look at McKinnon’s take on one of the Democratic frontrunners, and offered a hilarious parody of real-life policy debates.

“Look at me, I’m in my natural habitat,” said McKinnon’s Warren. “A public school on a weekend.”

After an audience member asked how she intends to pay for Medicare for All, McKinnon replied, “Thank you for bringing up healthcare, that is my “Despacito.”

“Nobody asks Biden how to pay for stuff, ‘cause his plans are so vague,” she complained. “No one asks how we’re going to pay for ‘remember Obama.’”

Still, she pulled out a presentation board and walked the audience through her plans for funding healthcare. “First off, we’re going to cut military spending,” she said. “So, immediately dead in the water.” The other revenue sources she promised included having Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos “go from paying no tax, to a tax.”

“Mr. Bezos, the government is a little like Amazon Prime,” said McKinnon. “You reap the benefits, you gotta pay an annual fee.”

When asked how she intended to bring swing voters around to the idea of Medicare for All, McKinnon replied, “You know why lobbyists are so against universal health care? They’re afraid you’re going to like it! In Footloose they banned dancing, they didn’t ban broccoli.” Check out the full segment below.

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