VeeOneEye’s Former Roommate KarimAbridged Accused Of Soliciting Pornographic Photos From A Minor

Another British YouTuber has been accused of inappropriate behavior towards a minor.

KarimAbridged, a popular vlogger who was once Jason Sampson (VeeOneEye)‘s roommate, has been accused of sexual harassment and soliciting nude photographs from a minor.

The accusations started to fly early this morning when Twitter user Abi (@corruptedIungs) released screenshots that suggest Karim was trying to get nude photographs of her when she was just 15 years old.

Abi has already been in the unfortunate position of having compromising photos leak within her local community, so she was understandably skeptical about sharing any more photographs. Despite that, it appears Karim continued to try and convince her, a minor, to send pornographic images to him. It’s unclear whether she actually sent the photos, but here’s hoping she didn’t.

Abi was encouraged to come forward by another young woman, YouTuber Dodie Clark (doddlevloggle), who also shared her past experiences with Karim.

In the video Dodie explains Karim was flirty towards her during a group trip to Amsterdam, which she was fine with. However, Dodie was eventually made to feel uncomfortable about Karim’s advances when she was sharing a bed with her close friend and Karim. When her friend fell asleep, Karim started touching Dodie without her consent. It’s certainly worth watching Dodie’s entire video to get the full context of the situation she found herself in:

I can only imagine how frightening it must be to have someone you barely know touching you in a way you’re uncomfortable with. This kind of behavior is completely unacceptable; however, these recent revelations demonstrate that many of the young men in our community feel that they can get away with such behavior or are misguided enough to think that such behavior is acceptable – Which is why the closing remarks of her video were so important: “We need to keep talking about this.”

Everyone involved in the most recent round of sexual abuse allegations, from Jason Sampson to Sam Pepper, have continued to make videos as if nothing ever happened. Alex Day is back. Ed Blann is back. And that worries me. Especially now we’ve seen how vulnerable some of the members of their growing audiences can be. We need to remember to keep supporting the victims here while continuing to encourage those who have been victimized or assaulted to come forward and report it. Not to Tumblr. Not to Twitter. But to the Police.

“Tumblr Justice” is not real Justice.

Stephen Doble

From his London office, Stephen leads our new media industry coverage at Videoter.

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