Kanye West Jimmy Kimmel Interview

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Kanye West Jimmy Kimmel Interview

It’s honestly somewhat impressive how the longer Kanye West explains something, the more confusing it gets. Take for example how he explained his love of Donald Trump to Jimmy Kimmel last night:

“Just as a musician, an African-American, a guy out in Hollywood, all these different things — everyone around me tried to pick my candidate for me,” he said. “And then told me every time I said I liked Trump, I couldn’t say it out loud or my career would be over, I’d be kicked out of the black community … What it represented to me is not about policies, because I’m not a politician like that. But it represented overcoming fear and doing what you felt, no matter what anyone said. And saying, ‘You can’t bully me. Liberals can’t bully me; news can’t bully me; the hip-hop community, they can’t bully me.’”

West hasn’t made a late night appearance in years, and the only two interviews he’s done this year have been his infamous TMZ debacle and his bizarre conversation with the New York Times. Yet, for some reason, West decided to be a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night, where the two talked about everything from politics to porn.

It’s a deeply uncomfortable and strange interview that early on included a joke about sexual assault and Kim Kardashian West.

Kimmel asks Kanye if the rapper was at all worried about his wife when she was alone with Donald Trump in the Oval Office.

“Well, he is a player,” West responds.

Later, after West compares himself to Galileo and expresses interest in designing Trump’s Space Force uniforms, Kimmel asks a key question.

“You famously, and powerfully, said George Bush doesn’t care about black people, what makes you think Donald Trump does—or any people?” Kimmel asks. But West just sits there in silence and the show fairly quickly cuts to a commercial.

But the most upsetting moment of the entire thing is when Kimmel asks West if the rapper’s attitude toward women have changed since having his daughters.

“Nah, I still look at PornHub,” West responds.

This is, quite possibly, the worst response imaginable to this particular question. But the conversation doesn’t end there. Kimmel asks what kind of porn West looks at.

“Black is my favorite category. A lot of black on white, obviously,” he says.

I bet Kanye thinks this interview went really well.

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