Justin Timberlake, Chris Stapleton Say Something Video

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Justin Timberlake, Chris Stapleton Say Something Video

Here at Man of the Woods Watch, we’ve been looking for the precise moment in which Justin Timberlake fully evokes his self-proclaimed title of Man of the Woods. While thus far he’s only been a very confusing science-fiction, future-sex Justin Timberlake, he gets much closer to embracing that aesthetic in the new video for “Say Something.”

So what is Man of the Woods-y about this new video? Let’s break it down:

• Chris Stapleton. He has a beard, a cowboy hat, and plays country music. He’s also probably been outside—at least more often than Timberlake has.

• Acoustic guitars. They don’t require electricity—perfect for playing around a campfire!

• Flannel. Justin Timberlake is wearing a flannel shirt, a material chosen among outdoor workers “who savored the material’s warmth and rugged look.”

• A beanie. Timberlake is wearing a hat, which is often used to keep the head warm in harsh elements.

So what’s not so Man of the Woods-y?

• They’re not once outside in this video. It takes place in a large, beautiful building where they might have filmed the last scene of Blade Runner.

• Electronics. Unfortunately, the video opens with Timberlake playing on a computer and a loop pad, both of which run on electricity and would not function in the woods.

• Justin Timberlake. I’m still convinced he’s never been more than two miles away from an internet connection.

Anyway, I will say the video is really cool, filmed by Arturo Perez Jr of La Blogotheque in one beautiful, continuous shot. What’s also pretty fascinating is that Justin Timberlake has written a song called “Say Something,” which is about not saying anything and manages to say nothing at all.

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