YouTuber Almost Drowns In Giant Water Balloon Stunt

Prankster Jack Tenney came within seconds of drowning when a stunt for his YouTube channel went horribly wrong.

The professional skimboarder, whose YouTube channel boasts 700,000 subscribers and 88 million views, tried to put his own spin on The Slow Mo Guys’ epic giant water balloon video by trading the relative safety of the ground for a boat floating on his pool.

The video shows the high-spirited 20-year-old slipping into the balloon while his friends helped fill it with water. About two minutes in, however, it becomes clear that things aren’t going the way he planned.

“I don’t know what’s gonna happen first. Is the balloon gonna pop or am I gonna sink… This is sketchy,” he jokes as the boat begins to sink further into the water.

“You should probably have a pocket knife with you,” a girl standing poolside remarks, as if she knows what’s about to happen.

As the balloon grows (and its weight increases) it causes the boat to capsize and submerge Tenny’s head underwater. As he kicks his legs in a failed attempt to break the strong rubber balloon, his friend dives into the water to pop the balloon with a screwdriver.

“Please like this video because I didn’t die. I almost drowned for the sake of YouTube,” Tenny joked at the end of his video. But he’s not the only one. Last month, a British YouTuber had to be rescued after jumping off London’s Tower Bridge into the River Thames.

Jason Burke

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