Jon Favreau Confirmed Mandalorian Season 2

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Jon Favreau Confirmed Mandalorian Season 2

Disney+ dropped the season finale of The Mandalorian Friday, and the episode offered fans a few big reveals. We finally saw Mando’s face (he looks, unsurprisingly, a hell of a lot like Pedro Pascal), and learned his name, Din Djarin. And soon after the finale, showrunner Jon Favreau answered another burning question by taking to social media to reveal when the show would be making its return. And it looks like there’s going to be a little bit of a wait before we next get to lay eyes on the most lovable baby in the galaxy.

Favreau tweeted Friday that the next season of the show will debut in fall 2020. In the message, he included an image of a Gamorrean, the species Jabba the Hutt uses as guards in Return of The Jedi. While he cleared up the season two question, Favreau didn’t explain just what the Gamorrean clue might mean.

A calendar year wait between season premiers is pretty standard, but it still feels like a long time to go without Baby Yoda in our lives. At least we’ve got the confirmation that a follow-up season is on its way, though that’s not exactly a surprise. Stats from streaming services can be tough to come by, but The Mandalorian definitely seems to be a hit for Disney+. Earlier this month, an analysis of viewers’ online interactions with television series found that The Mandalorian was the most in-demand TV show in the nation.

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