John C. Reilly is a Shockingly Good Rapper

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John C. Reilly is a Shockingly Good Rapper

John C. Reilly is one of the most versatile actors in Hollywood, an endlessly-lovable talent who effortless jumps from broad comedy to serious dramas. But he’s also a really good musician, as anyone who’s watched the criminally-neglected Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story knows well. Reilly stopped by Sway Calloway’s radio show Sway in the Morning this week, and, as is tradition, was asked to freestyle. That’s a tough challenge for even some seasoned rappers, so Reilly dropped a little Spoonie Gee over Kanye West and Common’s “Southside.” And it turns out that he’s a much better rapper than anyone might have expected.

Aside from performing on the soundtrack to Walk Hard, for which he earned a Grammy nod, Reilly also played a supporting role in the film version of the musical Chicago. He also recorded songs with Jack White back in 2011. For more proof of his talent, check out his spot-on Dylan impression.

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