YouTube Vlogger Joey Graceffa Signs to UTA

Joey Graceffa has signed with the United Talent Agency (UTA).

The YouTube Gamer/Vlogger/Musician has been steadily growing an audience on YouTube ever since June 2007, when he started a channel called WinterSpringPro with his friend Brittany. Though the WinterSpringPro channel is now a thing of the past, he has since amassed a huge audience of over 4 million subscribers and 340 million views on the two channels he currently manages – JoeyGraceffa & JoeyGraceffaGames.

UTA will represent Graceffa in all areas of his creative career, helping him capitalize on his ever-growing audience and secure new opportunities in acting and music while also helping him organize more tours to meet his fans.

Graceffa has been experimenting with new forms of content to test his creative chops and give his audience more variety. He recently raised more than $140,000 in a successful Kickstarter campaign to fund his first original series. Titled Storytellers, the series was a coming-of-age story combines horror with teen drama as a group on unlikely friends tell stories around a campfire only to realize that the line between reality and fantasy has started to blur. He also appeared on 22nd season of CBS’ The Amazing Race in 2013 with fellow YouTuber Meghan Camarena, and returned to the series this year for The Amazing Race All-Star Edition.

Traditional celebrity talent agencies have paid close attention to online personalities like Joey Graceffa, as their increasing influence is becoming very hard to miss. UTA has been an especially popular destination for YouTubers, with Justine Ezarik (iJustine), Jimmy Tatro (LifeAccordingToJimmy), and Bethany Mota (MacBarbie07) already signed to the agency. YouTube sensation Shane Dawson also recently signed to UTA after a long stint under the William Morris Endeavor(WME) talent agency.

The Fine Bros are currently signed to WME, and Joe Penna (MysteryGuitarMan) has enjoyed a good relationship with the Creative Artists Agency (CAA) for a few years now.

Check out Joey Graceffa ‘Draw His Life’ in the video below:

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