Jeopardy! Aired a Tribute Video to Host Alex Trebek

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Jeopardy! Aired a Tribute Video to Host Alex Trebek

Despite being in tremendous pain from pancreatic cancer, beloved “Jeopardy!” host, Alex Trebek, kept recording episodes right up until the very end of his life. On Friday, the final “Jeopardy!” episode featuring Trebek as host aired on ABC. It was taped 10 days before Trebek died on November 8th. For fans who watched, there were multiple emotional moments that culminated in a sweet send-off to the trivia king.

The 90-second video that closed out the episode features Hugh Jackman singing Peter Allen’s “Once Before I Go” over a montage of clips and photos of Alex Trebek that stretch back to the early ‘80s. For those who remember Trebek as a mild and serious man, it’s a peek into his sillier side. Over the years, he dressed up as the Statue of Liberty and a member of Kiss. He impersonated Elvis. He once showed up on stage without pants. And despite insisting that he doesn’t dance, he danced a lot. The video ended as the show always did—with Trebek waving the audience goodbye with a friendly “So long.” The official “Jeopardy!” Instagram account shared the video alongside a simple caption: “A Tribute to Alex. Simply the best. Thank you, Alex.”

The final Trebek episode of “Jeopardy!” consisted of returning champion Yoshie Hill, an executive assistant from California, and new players Cliff Chang and Jim Gilligan. In an interview with TODAY, Hill reflected on Trebek’s strength during the final taping, saying, “You would not have known how ill he was. He brought his A game to each episode that was shot. Articulate, wryly humorous, and radiating his good-natured gentlemanly decency.”

“Jeopardy!” continues next week with a series of guest hosts, starting with “Jeopardy!” GOAT Ken Jennings.

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