YouTube Star ItsCMaddox Loses Battle with Skin Cancer

Claudio Lake, also known as ItsCMaddox and Madison Maddox, passed away in the morning of June 19.

Claudio, 28, had been fighting a battle with skin cancer and his death, which occurred suddenly and was confirmed on Twitter, came as a shock to the LGBT community and his many fans.

Claudio revealed in his May 13 video titled, “LIFE IS HAPPENING – #StayStrongCMaddoxBiitch” that he was in the hospital after being diagnosed with skin cancer. He let his viewers know that he had not been feeling well for a little while but kept it to himself, trying to deal with it on his own. However, he felt that keeping it to himself might not have been the best decision, and was finally receiving the support and treatment he required.

Claudio last posted a video 2 days before his death, updating his viewers on what had happened in his life that week. It was clear he had lost a lot of weight since finding out he had cancer, but his spirit was strong and believed that #RecoveryIsTheOnlyOption. He was even preparing to film a makeup haul on his other channel, MaddoxMadison.

The news of his death caused many, including Nicola Foti, Tyler Oakley, and even the twitter handle for VidCon 2014, to use social media to share their thoughts, love, and condolences for his family. Megan Tonjes, known to give her views on the happenings of the YouTube community, posted a lovely video sharing her experience with Claudio.

Our condolences go out to Claudio’s family. R.I.P. Claudio.

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