Hugh Grant’s Wimbledon Reactions to Djokavic v Fucsovics Are Perfect

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Hugh Grant’s Wimbledon Reactions to Djokavic v Fucsovics Are Perfect

Tennis is a sport that boasts a level of decorum on the court; tennis also has an expectation that you keep your shit together in the stands. Oh, and then there’s Hugh Grant. Sitting in the Royal Box, Grant and his wife, Anna Eberstein, watched Serbian tennis superstar Novak Djokovic take on Hungarian badass Márton Fucsovics at Centre Court on Wednesday. Let’s just say that Hugh was all over the place when it came to his reactions.

Grant was photographed exhibiting a whole array of emotions, from shock to exhaustion. There also may be a little nose action going on there, or as I like to call it, a “quick pick.” No shame! Been there a few times myself, friend. With no context of when exactly these shots were taken during the match, let’s play a game called: Explain What Hugh Grant Was Reacting To.

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At this moment, Djokovic is up four games, love against Fucsovics. Fucsovics has the opportunity to break the service game, but just keeps running in another direction. He also might have just heard the news that there are no plans for The Undoing season two. It’s really a toss up (or in tennis terms, a serve).

wimbledon 2021 day nine the all england lawn tennis and croquet club

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Fucsovics is right on the edge of losing a game and Djokovic has the advantage, but this is a pivotal moment in the second set! He could turn it around! Ultimately, Fucsovics is unable to save the game, leaving him down for the second set. Or perhaps, Grant has just remembered how asinine it was for his character to leave Julia Roberts in Notting Hill despite everything the two of them have already endured.

wimbledon celebrity sightings  day 9

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This is just a nose scratch’em. Nothing to see here. Look away.

wimbledon 2021 day nine the all england lawn tennis and croquet club

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Deep in the second set, Fucsovics is playing like he has nothing to lose. He pops a drop shot just over the net, but Djokovic returns, only for Fucsovics to be waiting in the wings to execute another perfect drop shot to win the point. Grant is stunned. He also may just be hungover.

Either way, thank you for the emotions Hugh. It’s like we were there with you. Now when is the new Paddington dropping?

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