Holy Shit! Disney Channel Just Introduced Its First Ever Gay Characters!

So, let’s try and make sense of this. While I still have my suspicions about High School Musical’s Ryan Evans, the Disney Channel has just taken the monumental step of introducing its first ever openly gay characters.

Last year, Disney announced an episode of their hit show Good Luck Charlie will feature a female same-sex couple, who will acts as the moms of one of the kids in the show. There was a lot of speculation, with the far-right speculating (or hoping…) that they would be introduced in full BDSM gear. What they do in the bedroom is none of our business, but it was great to see how casually they were introduced – Just as you would hope their real-world counterparts would be greeted.

The American Family Association freaked out, as you would expect, saying “Conservative families need to urge Disney to avoid controversial topics that children are far too young to comprehend.” They said some other stuff too, but their point is moot given that this situation is no different from one a child may face in real life if/when they come into contact with loving individuals who happen to be of the same gender. Shielding children from this one basic and harmless reality is a lot more controversial than a TV storyline. Some people are gay. Get over it.

The couple will only appear in one episode because this is the last season of Good Luck Charlie, but history has been made. Doors have been opened. Let’s see what happens next.