Grace Helbig & Mamrie Hart Take Shots In ‘The Grace Helbig Show’ Premiere

YouTube’s resident alcoholic Mamrie Hart made an appearance in the television première of Grace Helbig‘s brand new E! television talk-show.

The long-awaited Grace Helbig Show finally made its début last Friday night on E!, and it was epic. Her charismatic persona, usually seen on YouTube, was captured perfectly and translated over to the big(ger) screen surprisingly well.

The Grace Helbig Show definitely isn’t your average talk show. The host’s usual office desk is a coffee table and the floor takes the place of the guest’s comfy couch. And, thankfully, there’s no redundant microphones (Seriously, don’t you just hate those! Why are they there?!).

The Grace Helbig Show Ft. Mamrie Hart

The show’s première featured an incredible in-car mix from DJ Flula Borg and appearances from The Talk co-host Aisha Tyler and Grace’s close friend Mamrie Hart.

Hart and Helbig played a game called ‘Deal,’ which saw the pair compete to keep their s**t together while watching fail videos. And in true ‘You Deserve A Drink‘ style, whoever laughed first had to take a shot of vodka.

Update: The ratings are in, and The Grace Helbig Show attracted a 0.09 index of adults between 18-49, according to Nielsen. That’s a total audience of about 227,000. That’s a weak number for a première, but here’s hoping things pick up for the upcoming episodes.

Comedian Nick Kroll and YouTube personality Tyler Oakley will feature in next week’s episode.

The Grace Helbig Show airs every Friday at 10:30pm (9:30c) on E! Network.

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