Google Names and Shames Slow ISPs With YouTube Video Quality Report

YouTube has taken a page out of Netflix’s book and announced they will start ranking Internet Service Providers (ISPs) based on how quickly videos load on their service.

The speed at which content is delivered has become a huge issue on the internet recently, with high-profile battles taking place between ISPs and content providers like Netflix.

Networking service company Level 3 has essentially proved that ISPs are the causing slow streaming speeds, and Google will now highlight that with their Video Quality Report.

The report shows which ISPs in your local area can support HD video streaming without buffering and which ones force you to sit in the low res jungle of 360p (or worse – 240p).

YouTube Quality Report

Some ISPs will also be given ‘HD Verified’ status, which shows that they were able to successfully deliver more than 90% of their HD streams over the last 30 days.

The report is based on data directly from YouTube’s servers, which can automatically lower your video quality if your connection is not fast enough. If one ISP in an area can deliver HD video while the other can only handle SD, then it’s clear the second ISP is doing something wrong, and that will be reflected in the report. Also, by showing the performance of other ISPs in your area, it makes it easier to know which ISP to switch to.

Netflix ISP Speed Index - March 2014

The report is similar to Netflix’s Speed Index, which has ranked ISPs based on their average speed since March 2013.

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