‘Gangnam Style’ Passes One Billion Views on YouTube

Gangnam Style has become the first video to be viewed more than One Billion times on YouTube.

The now iconic song and music video was released just 6-months ago, and won a Guinness World Record while propelling its creator Psy into infamy.

To illustrate the extent of the achievement, the second most watched YouTube video (Justin Bieber‘s ‘Baby’) took 2 years and 10 months to reach 800 Million views. ‘Gangnam Style’ passed one billion views in just 6 months.

‘Gangnam Style’ won a Guinness world record last month for the most ‘liked’ music video of all time, referring to YouTube’s rating system that allows users ‘like’ or ‘dislike’ a video. At the time of the record, the video had just over 5 Million likes. The figure now stands at 6.1 Million less than a month later. Conversely, Justin Bieber’s ‘Baby’ is the most disliked music video of all time, with 3.2 Million dislikes.

In a statement last month, YouTube revealed that the video has sustained an average of 7-10 million views per day since it first went viral.

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Industry analysts have suggested that a key part of Gangnam Style’s can be attributed to parody artists and musicians who covered the song, keeping it fresh in the eyes of the public and stopping it from falling out of the spotlight quickly, as most viral videos do.

These parodies and covers have also been a huge money maker for Psy, who is using YouTube’s ContentID system identify other user’s videos that use his song without permission and place advertisements on them. Some analysts estimate that Psy has earned more than $8.1 Million from other videos on YouTube using his song, and other content deals. This is no small amount of money, and may make large corporations who systematically remove user uploads of their content from YouTube sit up and think about the other options available to them.

Give Psy one more view on ‘Gangnam Style’ below: