Former YouTube Execs Launch Victorious Mobile-App Platform

Victorious, a brand new mobile start-up has just hit the scene. Led by a rockstar team that includes former YouTube executives, the company plans to make YouTubers the center of their own online communities with an innovative new mobile app platform.

The Los Angeles-based start-up aims to change the way YouTubers and other online celebrities interact with fans by creating a technology platform that makes it easy for creators to build their own mobile apps. The service essentially aims to remove services like Facebook and Twitter from the equation, making it easier for creators to interact directly with their fans without any middle men.

“We have assembled a world-class team to re-imagine how creators and fans interact by tearing down the fourth wall. Watching and liking are not enough. Victorious is extending engagement beyond simple consumption to provide lean-forward experiences that unlock the full power of creative communities,” Victorious CEO Sam Rogoway said in a statement.

Victorious appears to solve a major problem creators have with platforms like Facebook, which use an algorithm to limit how many fans see a creator’s updates. For popular creators, it’s not uncommon for less than 5% of the people who ‘liked’ their Facebook page to see their status updates. Now, with Victorious, if you download a YouTuber’s app, you can get an alert when they post a new video, and watch it right from your phone.

Ryan Higa, Michelle Phan, and Boyce Avenue are just a few of the big names to have signed up to the service, which expects to release its first round of apps this fall.

Speaking about Victorious, Ryan Higa said: “I’ve always wanted my own mobile hub: a place where my community can come together, laugh, and grow. I’m ecstatic to partner with my friends at Victorious to build this next generation platform for creators, by creators. This is the team to get us there.”

Sam Rogoway was the CEO of social network TripUp, which was acquired by Sidestep/Kayak in 2007, before co-founding Victorious with Michael Todd, the former CTO of online ad exchange OpenX. Bing Chen was YouTube’s Global Creator Development Lead, leaving YouTube to become Victorious’ CCO; and finally, former Global Head of Content and Operations at YouTube Dean Gilbert rounds out the team as the Exectuive Charman.

The company looks well-funded, having closed a $13 million funding round from Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, according to CrunchBase, so the future appears to be bright for the new company.

Stephen Doble

From his London office, Stephen leads our new media industry coverage at Videoter.

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