Flight of the Conchords Will Return to HBO in October

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Flight of the Conchords Will Return to HBO in October

In the nine years since their eponymous HBO show wrapped, Bret McKenzie and Jemaine Clement of Flight of the Conhcords have stayed plenty busy, winning Academy Awards and creating acclaimed horror-comedies. But all of their individual accomplishments haven’t filled the fourth-most-popular-New Zealand-folk-duo-shaped hole in our cultural landscape. Thankfully, they’ve gotten the band back together for a one-night-only TV engagement, an hour-long HBO special filmed during the pair’s U.K. tour. According to The Independent, the band has gone big time. During their tour they performed with the backing of what they dubbed the “New Zealand Symphony Orchestra”—one guy with a cello.

Flight of the Conchords: Live at the London Apollo will air on HBO on October 6th. Check out the preview below.

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