Endemol Beyond To Give Vessel Users Early Content Access

YouTube competitor Vessel just got a major win courtesy of Endemol Beyond USA.

Vessel users will now have access to an additional 700+ videos after the service inked a distribution deal with the Multi-Channel Network, which also serves as the North American digital content division of dutch media conglomerate Endemol.

In addition to the 700+ archival videos, the deal will also give Vessel users early access to a selection of new content published by Endemol Beyond USA’s creators. Every new video on Endemol’s ICON Network, which is led by YouTube beauty guru Michelle Phan, as well as videos by Pitbull, Jessica Sanchez, Andy Milonakis, and Brittany Furlan, will appear exclusively on Vessel for a minimum of 72-hours before it shows up on YouTube.

Michelle Phan

“As we grow out our premium brands like ICON [beauty] and Smasher [gaming] networks, we are also always looking for new premium distribution partners,” Endemol Beyond USA COO Adrian Sexton said in a statement. “Vessel’s user experiences for both advertising and subscription models make them a perfect fit.”

Vessel was founded by Hulu‘s former CEO Jason Kilar, and offers a similar business model to Hulu. The service is primarily ad-supported with short pre-rolls that last up to 5-seconds. However, users can also get exclusive early access to content from Vessel’s 130 partners for just $2.99 per month. The early access content is exclusive to Vessel for a minimum of 72-hours; however, some creators are making their content exclusive to Vessel for up to seven days.

Vloggers Caspar Lee and Connor Franta are Vessel’s early adopters in the creator community, as well as Rhett & Link, Ingrid Nilsen, and BuzzFeed Video.

Vessel’s core strategy relies on attracting creators to their platform with a generous revenue split of up to 70% (vs. YouTube’s 55%). While Vessel have yet to release any information revenue, profitability, or subscriber statistics, this deal with Endemol is a strong endorsement of Vessel as a business.

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