Elliott Morgan & Meg Turney Are Leaving SourceFed

SourceFed hosts Elliott Morgan and Meg Turney have announced the will be leaving the popular YouTube channel.

Morgan was one of SourceFed’s inaugural hosts, having been part of the channel ever since it first launched in January 2012. Yesterday, he took to Facebook to announce that he plans to leave SourceFed on April 15.

“After several months of self-reflection, prayer, and discussions with family and friends, I’ve decided to leave SourceFed,” Morgan wrote on his Facebook Page. “I absolutely love the people I work with, and I’m incredibly proud of the content we’ve created over the past two plus years, not to mention the amazing audience that has supported me. That said, in my life, I have found that I have to take risks and move on, whether I’m comfortable doing so or not.”

We’re not certain what he has planned for the future, and he hasn’t made any official announcements, but in just two short years SourceFed has grown to become a powerhouse of short-form news content online – In large part because of his own efforts. This will surely serve him well as he looks for new opportunities in the future.

Turney shared a similar sentiment in her leaving video, where she announced she will leave SourceFed on the April 30. In the video, she said: “Phil always likened SourceFed to a spring board, and I really embraced that, and I’m eternally grateful.”

Turney joined SourceFed in the summer of 2012, and quickly proved to be not only incredibly popular with the audience, but also incredibly capable, contributing valuable insight in SourceFed’s part of YouTube’s ‘Election Hub’ coverage of the 2012 Democratic National Convention and Republican National Convention.

SourceFed is -by far- the most successful channel to arise from YouTube’s (now failed) $100 million experiment in original content investment on the platform. Specializing in a unique form of infotainment-based news coverage, the channel has built a loyal following and amassed 1.3 million subscribers and more than half a billion views in just over two years.


Philip DeFranco has now commented on Morgan and Turney’s departure from SourceFed. On his PhillyD.TV blog, he wrote:

If you follow them on social media you probably know that Meg and Elliott have announced they are leaving SourceFed/Nerd on the 15th and 30th of this month.

Things I will say:

1. We love these two and wish them the best.

2. As ALL OF A SUDDEN as this may appear, it is not. We have been planning and building to this moment for a while. We thought it was more respectful to let them tell you in their own ways.

3. For those that trusted me to make this channel in the first place trust me again when I say this: THIS IS ALL FOR THE BETTER. In my opinion the channels had become stale, more of the same every day, and needed this shot in the arm. I’m also changing things up internally to help SourceFed become the thing that I used to love and more.

4. To answer the question WHERE IS ROSS? We have moved him back over to writing stories.

5. Once again trust me on this. Half of you that are sad to see these guys go today are also the people who shouted for me to remove these two from the channel when they started.

Love yo faces 🙂

Jason Burke

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