Donald Trump Celebrity Feuds Through the Years

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Donald Trump Celebrity Feuds Through the Years

Donald Trump has been publicly feuding with celebrities for years now. His latest beef with Chrissy Teigen got pretty ugly, but it’s by no means the 45th President’s wildest feud.

Trump called Teigen, who he has blocked on Twitter, John Legend’s “foul-mouthed wife,” while criticizing a recent MSNBC Democratic town hall regarding climate change that featured the EGOT winner. After Trump’s diatribe on Twitter, Teigen responded with a tweet of her own, calling POTUS a “pussy ass bitch.” Fans came out in troves to defend Teigen, who calls herself the “Mayor of Twitter.” And for good reason, too–she really knows how to crush it on that site, with nearly 12 million followers and counting.

Trump has exchanged blows with everyone from Arnold Schwarzenegger to Rosie O’Donnell, and even with the Holy Father himself, Pope Francis. His feuds aren’t just on Twitter, either. Trump has used his platform as a ubiquitous media personality to direct vitriol and heated criticism at his enemies. Now, as president, he regularly calls into Fox News to air his grievances, and even used his time on the debate stage to cut into anyone who disagrees with him. Not to mention: Trump’s own 2020 campaign rallies, and his appearances at various Republican candidates’ rallies across the country have completely transformed into opportunities to start new feuds, and reiterate old ones. Like, you know, with the mainstream media.

In the video above, we take a look at Trump’s biggest celebrity beefs.

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