DigiTour Doubles Number Of Live Shows For 2015

DigiTour, the largest live concert promoter for social media celebrities, has just announced they will more than double their number of shows next year as they take the social tour business model to the next level.

For DigiTour, it seems business is already pretty good. The company sold 120,000 tickets for 60 shows throughout 2014, including specialty tour dates featuring YouTube supergroup Our 2nd Life (O2L) and Vine’s Jack & Jack comedy/music duo. With general admission tickets averaging between $25-35, that makes for an impressive revenue stream for a fledgling event company that once relied heavily on a sponsorship from a certain not-so-popular energy drink just to keep the our buses running.

Now, they’re taking things to the next level with plans to sell a shocking 350,000 tickets across 141 shows in 2015.

The expansion is being funded by a small group of investors, including Ryan Seacrest, who participated in the company’s seed round earlier this year. The company is now gearing up towards a much larger Series A funding round, which will likely see the company expand its international efforts, and experiment with new offerings for fans.

The company has already started experimenting with merchandise sales; using a unique subscription model that sees fans pay $10 per month for a selection of items related to their favorite social media celebrities to be shipped to their door.

The secret sauce in DigiTour new strategic mix is their ability to capitalize on the increasing dissatisfaction teens feel towards the traditional ‘celebrities.’ With a renewed focus on events for teens, DigiTour found themselves uniquely placed to court social media powerhouses like Tyler Oakley, O2L, Zoella, and countless others; tailoring shows so they cater to the desires of a range of fans with a single event that can be easily duplicated in multiple locations across the entire country.

In addition to doubling the number of shows in their roster, they’re also planning to sell 25,000 tickets to an all-day festival in New York featuring the same social media celebrities that put DigiTour on the map.

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