Diamond Jack, Jessica, and More

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Diamond Jack, Jessica, and More

Netflix’s new dating show Love Is Blind has had the world glued to their laptop screens for the past week in both horror and awe. At this point, we’ve watched the cast of Atlanta singles blind date in pods, get engaged without seeing one another, go on vacation to Mexico, move in together, and meet each other’s families, so it only makes sense that we’re pretty invested in whether or not they actually ended up married.

Love Is Blind wrapped filming in October of 2018, meaning Netflix made the whole cast agree to go more than a year without posting any evidence as to whether or not they’re married on social media—a truly valiant undertaking in this modern digital age. The result is…a lot of selfies. But don’t worry, the detectives of the internet have descended on the social profiles of the cast to do some digging for any clues before the wedding finale hits Netflix next Thursday, February 27th. Some contain less hints than others, but take a look for yourself. Happy sleuthing!

Jessica Batten

Where she is now: Still hanging out with her cute dog Payton, who loves a good Cab Sauv. She’s also blocked commenters on most of her Instagram posts, which is probably for the best. #TeamMark

Lauren Speed

Where she is now: Just take a look at the comment section of this Instagram post of hers. Dozens and dozens of “THIS IS CAMERON’S HOUSE!!” reactions, so we’re hopeful these two will successfully tie the knot in next week’s finale.

Amber Pike

Where she is now: Blonde! She Instagrammed this week with another one of Barnett’s fiancé options, LC, so I guess they’re friends now. Not sure how open to that friendship she would be if didn’t end up with their mutual love interest…right?

Diamond Jack

Where she is now: According to her Instagram, Diamond is working with the Charge Up Campaign, “a non-profit organization that supports, educate, empowers, and celebrates men, women, and youth who have fought against health, social, and economic concerns due to the impact of cancer.” She’s also basking in all the kind, supportive comments from strangers, probably.

Giannina Gibelli

Where she is now: Living her best life! She told Esquire that since she wrapped filming Love Is Blind she has been focusing on her own happiness—she quit her job as a retail business owner and has been taking time off, soul searching, and being creative for the past year.

Kelly Chase

Where she is now: Kelly is a health and fitness coach—this post explains she was following the keto diet while filming and would cook her own meals on set! No Kenny clues lying around, though.

Carlton Morton

Where he is now: With a private Instagram account following his blowup fight with ex-fiancé Diamond that hit Netflix last week. Yikes.

Mark Cuevas

Where he is now: Up in the gym just working on his fitness, and doing promo for the show! We talked to him about his Love Is Blind journey last week.

Cameron Hamilton

Where he is now: This post has a ridiculous amount of comments about seeing Lauren in the reflection of his sunglasses here. I personally do not see a thing, but interpret as you wish.

Matt Barnett

Where he is now: From his Instagram, it looks like he’s getting a lot of feedback from viewers on his choices on the show. And posting way too many selfies.

See what I mean?

Screenshot from Instagram

Damian Powers

Where he is now: Feeling himself pretty hard.

Kenny Barnes

Where he is now: Honestly, inspirational fitness posting just like his TV fiancé Kelly. Is that a clue?

Lauren Kranc is an editorial assistant at Esquire and Masters student at New York University.

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