David Letterman ‘Ellen’ Interview – Feelings on Trump and Fatherhood

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David Letterman ‘Ellen’ Interview – Feelings on Trump and Fatherhood

Despite his run as a prolific and talented late night host for so many years, David Letterman’s guest skills could use some polishing. The host stopped by Ellen this week to promote his Netflix series, My Next Guest Needs No Introduction and take a spin in the other seat. He admitted that it made him “uncomfortable” to be on the other end of the situation, but he warmed up pretty quickly thanks to his famously fast-witted charm. But all that warmth and hilarity faded when Letterman discovered he would have to play a game.

“Burning Questions” is a regular staple on Ellen, and the late night host made it very clear from the start that the game was stupid. Though he was tough to convince at first, Letterman quickly got into ringing the bell—seriously, he hammers that thing—and answered questions about growing up before Ellen laid the big one on him: If you got the chance to interview Trump again, tell us the one question you would want to ask him.

Game on. Letterman promptly responded, “I’m disappointed in his administration. I would—I would say to him, ‘Don, why are you such a putz?'” and then he slammed the hell out of that bell again.

This marks Letterman’s first stop on Ellen, but his and Degeneres’ relationship goes back to the early days of his show, when she came on to do standup comedy. And on top of giving a couple great anecdotes about his son Henry and his strange penchant for Worcestershire and peanut butter sandwiches, he locked in a $20,000 donation from Ellen for Habitat for Humanity.

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