Dave Chappelle Trump Voters Joke

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Dave Chappelle Trump Voters Joke

This joke is classic Dave Chappelle. Like he did on Chappelle’s Show, the comedian twists the power dynamic of class and race to both hilarious and thought-provoking effect. In the new joke—which comes from his upcoming Netflix special Equanimity—Chappelle discusses 2016 voters through the lens of a wealthy black man in power.

Here, he’s standing in line to vote with a number of poor white people, who are determined to vote for Donald Trump because they think the reality star will fight for them. But Chappelle knows how rich people think—he made a reported $60 million last year for these two Netflix specials—and uses that to land a joke about how little Trump actually cares about those less fortunate. (It feels particularly poignant given Congress’s passage of a tax bill that generously benefits the rich.)

And this is exactly the type of comedian Dave Chappelle has been during his recent comeback. He’s more of a political sage, deconstructing a complex time in American history. Yes, given how this year has been, the 2016 election seems like a million years ago, but these are still baffling issues that need to be unpacked. Through interviews, jokes, and specifically his post-Election Day SNL monologue, Chappelle has provided both the perspective and laughs we’ve needed.

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