A Cyanide & Happiness Web Series Is In The Works

Cyanide & Happiness is planning to make the jump into New Media.

The creators of the incredibly popular web comic series recently announced they have turned down a potential deal to bring a television adaptation of their inappropriately-humored web comics to Comedy Central.

Given that this is the third deal they have turned down with three different networks due to, what co-creator Kris Wilson called “rights and creative control issues,” the C&H team have decided to do things on their own and take the idea of a regular Cyanide & Happiness video series to the web.

“We’re starting to realize that TV as an industry just isn’t compatible with what we want to do with our animation: deliver it conveniently to a global audience, something we’ve been doing all along with our comics these past years,” Wilson explained. “That’s just the nature of television versus the Internet, I suppose.”

C&H - Wingman Comic

Instead of looking to television, C&H co-founders Kris WilsonRob DenBleykerMatt Melvin, and Dave McElfatrick are looking to their significant fan base, and planning a Kickstarter project to crowd-source the fairly large amount of money it takes to put together a cohesive web-series. Wilson already believes this is the best option for both his partners and the wider audience.

“The Internet is already the largest network, available when you think about it… Why go anywhere else?”

The C&H team made a short foray into video before, and it proved to be incredibly popular – Racking up over 188 Million views on YouTube, bolstered by the significant popularity of Explosm.net, the website that hosts C&H comics, and their particularly dedicated fan base.

Check out Cyanide & Happiness short ‘Waiting For The Bus’ below: