Colin Jost and Michael Che Brought ‘Weekend Update’ to Daytime

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Colin Jost and Michael Che Brought ‘Weekend Update’ to Daytime

Because she’s “a huge celebrity who can do whatever [she] wants” Ellen DeGeneres transplanted Saturday Night Live’s signature Weekend Update segment to her daytime talk show. She joined SNL anchors Colin Jost and Michael Che, who appeared on DeGeneres’s show in advance of their Emmy Awards hosting hosting gig Monday night.

With Ellen co-anchoring (and laughing at Che and Jost’s jokes in true supportive Ellen style), the bit was a fairly faithful—if daytime-friendly—take on the classic SNL segment.

“New research shows that one in seven adults have tried electronic cigarettes,” said Jost, “A group known collectively as DJs.”

“France recently banned the use of cellphones for children in school,” announced DeGeneres. “According to one French official, it’s important for children to have their hands free to smoke.”

Che took do-over on one of his headlines after flubbing his initial reading. “It was the joke that was weak, not you,” Ellen reassured him.

Jost also took a jab at the Ellen audience. “Any Pinterest fans here?” he asked, to loud applause. “Sorry, I should have asked, are there any white women here?” Watch the full segment below.

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