Charlie McDonnell Tells YouTubers to Block Alex Day’s YouTube Ads

Charlie McDonnell (better known as Charlieissocoollike) has provided YouTubers with detailed instructions on how to block Alex Day‘s pre-roll adverts from their videos.

Alex Day (nerimon) was a popular UK-based YouTuber, Charlie’s former roommate, and the highest-profile person (to date?) to be implicated in recent allegations which suggest a large number of YouTubers have emotionally manipulated or, in some cases, raped their loyal viewers.

Alex Day’s YouTube channel is currently being promoted by YouTube through their Fan Finder program, which attempts to match similar YouTube channels and cross-promote them by playing a channel trailer as a pre-roll ad whenever another suitable advert is not available. This is a particularly big problem for Charlie. Alongside not wanting to be associated with an admitted rapist, a large number of Charlie’s subscribers are now seeing pre-roll ads promoting Alex Day’s channel play before Charlie’s videos because YouTube has matched them with each other – Likely because the two were friends and often appeared in each other’s videos.

It is also believed that Day’s channel is also being promoted through traditional YouTube ads in an old YouTube program that provided popular YouTubers with advertising credits to promote their channels.

For any other YouTubers that don’t want Alex Day’s ads running before their videos (and why would you?), Charlie’s blog post provides easy-to-follow instructions on how to block them:

As far as I’m aware there is no way for viewers to block these ads themselves, but if you make videos then you can stop the ads from appearing on the content that you make. Blocking the ad is very easy to do, too. First, go to the “Allow & block ads” page on your Google Adsense account. Then, block the below URLs:

The first is the link to the video that plays as the ad, the second is the playlist that the ad links to, and then I figured it’d also be worth blocking the direct links to his YouTube channel just in case. If you discover that this list is incomplete at all, do let me know.

To anyone who monetises their videos, especially those with large audiences, please do take the time to do this if you can. Even though you may not be seeing these ads yourself, other people definitely are. For me personally it’s quite distressing to see him pop up every time I want to watch a video, and I’m sure many others feel the same.

This useful advice also applies to any other ads you wish to block, either on your personal website running AdSense ads, or your monetized YouTube channel.

By all accounts, Charlie McDonnell is a great person and a well respected force in the UK YouTube community. It’s clear he’s greatly affected by these allegations, largely because they hit so close to home for him. In addition to being Alex Day’s former roommate, he was also in a ‘YouTube Boyband’ called Sons of Admirals with Alex Day, Tom Milson, and Ed Blann – All of whom have now admitted to either statutory rape or abusive relationships with fans.

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