A chance meeting can really change your life – Guitar Legend Carlos Santana is reunited with his old drummer who has been homeless for 40 years!

This one will put a smile on your face! Marcus “The Magnificent” Malone was one of the founding members of legendary guitarist Carlos Santana‘s first ever band – The Carlos Santana Blue Band. The band was formed in 1966 and the group started their career rehearsing in the garage of Malone’s mother’s house.

In 1968, Malone had to leave the band due to personal problems and shortly afterwards he was arrested for a crime and sentenced to three years in San Quentin Prison in California. After his release, he found himself homeless and has been begging and foraging through garbage for almost 40 years! – But that all changes when a chance meeting with a news reporter reunited Malone with his former bandmate.

Chance meetings really can change your life.