Canadian Vlogger Finds Dead Body

A YouTuber had the shock of his life when he discovered a dead body while daily vlogging.

Canadian YouTuber Marcel St-Jean was on his way to a restaurant with his wife last Friday (August 29) when he noticed two men escorting an elderly man away from two other men that appeared to be lying unconscious in an alleyway.

A passer-by mentioned “They’ve [been drinking] all day,” but Marcel still went to check on them to make sure they’re OK.

After finding that one of the men was just asleep next to a bottle of liquor he shook the other man, known only as Vince, but received no response.

After checking his pulse, Marcel told his wife; “He’s frozen… No pulse. He’s gone.”

The visibly shaken vlogger immediately called for an ambulance, which arrived in “seconds,” but they could not revive the man and he was pronounced dead at the scene.

“I didn’t know what to do. He was cold as ice like he was gone for a long time,” the YouTuber remarked as he was walking away from the scene. It’s clear he did everything he could do in a difficult situation, keeping his composure while showing incredible kindness and compassion by going out of his way to help in a situation where most people would have just walked on by.

The incident took place in Sudbury, a former mining city in Ontario which has a reputation for severe drug and alcohol abuse among some sections of their community.

Marcel St-Jean has been vlogging regularly on his YouTube channel, which has amassed almost 7,000 subscribers and more than 1.5 million views across more than 800 videos, for almost five years now. The YouTuber, who also works as a professional scrapper, films himself as he goes about his day finding and scrapping old appliances and spending time with his family.

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