Vine Star Cameron Dallas To Star In Feature Film ‘Expelled’

Clearly six second clips of Vine superstar Cameron Dallas wasn’t enough for his fans. So, with the help of his YouTube network AwesomenessTV he’s giving them more. Much more…

AwesomenessTV announced they are preparing to release a feature film starring Dallas and some of his Vine/YouTube comrades. Titled ‘Expelled,’ the film tells the story of a prankster desperately trying to stop his parents from finding out he was expelled from high school after his stunts go one step too far. YouTube stars Lia Marie Johnson, Andrea Russett, and Teala Dunn also star in the film along with Viner Marcus Johns and Nickelodeon star Matt Shively.

The PG-13 rated film will receive a limited release in select New York, Los Angeles and Chicago theaters on December 12 before being made available to stream or download from iTunes, Amazon, Target Ticket, and Walmart’s Vudu on December 16, 2014.

Fans wishing to see the movie as soon as possible can also pre-order a digital download directly from the film’s website, where they can also buy merch and sign up for a “Hall Pass” to get exclusive movie and cast updates.

The film has been billed as a ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off’ for the connected generation, but even us oldies at Videoter are too young to have seen that film, much less Dallas’ audience; which consists primarily of young girls. Really, this film represents a completely new adventure for a new generation, and a grand content experiment into how stars like Dallas can leverage their community to produce more substantive content.

“The movie industry is changing in terms of not only who teens want to see on screen, but also how, when and where they want to watch,” ‘Expelled’ producer and AwesomenessTV founder Brian Robbins said.”Expelled gives fans of this new generation of stars a chance to see them on the big screen… or whatever screen they prefer.”

AwesomenessTV, which was recently acquired by Dreamworks Animation back in 2013 for up to $117 million, has been focusing much of their creative efforts on making scripted feature-length content that can be sold to audiences instead of relying on unpredictable and often unsatisfying advertising revenues. ‘Expelled’ represents their first scripted production to make it to theatrical release; which will likely be followed by another scripted feature starring Dallas’ fellow Vine star Nash Grier.

‘Expelled’ was written, produced, and directed by Alex Goyette, who also happens to be a YouTuber. AwesomenessTV founder Robbins produced the movie himself, with AwesomenessTV’s COO Brett Bouttier and Dallas’ managers Steven & Alan Spiegel of 26MGMT standing among the film’s executive producers.

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