British Pathé Uploads 85,000 Films To YouTube

If YouTube has been running slower than usual recently, it’s probably because their servers have been working overtime over the past four days.

British Pathé, one of the leading producers of newsreels throughout the 20th Century, has announced it will be uploading its entire archive of over 85,000 historical films to YouTube.

Their archive spans from 1896 to 1976, and includes high quality footage of some of modern history’s most momentous occasions. The coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, the detonation of an atomic bomb over Hiroshima, Hitler coming to power, the Titanic disaster – All immortalized on film by Pathé, and now available for the world to see on the world’s most popular video sharing site.

Critics have called the move nothing more than a marketing ploy by the company, who still charge hefty license fees to anyone wishing to use their footage. However, history buffs and casual YouTube viewers of all kinds will be rejoicing at the ‘liberation’ of this incredible archive of footage that bears impartial witness to both the best and worst moments in modern human history.

Historic footage has always been popular on the web. The Criterion Collection, a distribution company that owns the rights to countless classic films, recently renewed its pact with streaming site Hulu after their content proved to be some of the most popular movies available on the platform.

Pathé have arranged a playlist, titled “A Day That Shook The World” that covers many of the momentous occasions throughout the 20th, as determined by the Brits. If you’re available for the next few weeks, check out all the videos on their YouTube Channel.

Watch footage of the Titanic disaster below:

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