‘Breaking News’ section added to YouTube.

‘Breaking News’ section added to YouTube.

YouTube is one of the first places that most people go to for breaking news. So, Google has now got a ‘Breaking News’ section added to YouTube. This section has been added to people feeds as “Breaking News”. This has been seen on the mobile apps and browser homepage.

The new section seems similar to the current setup for the ‘recommended channel’. This helps it match the rest of the page layout and some people may have missed that it was even there. This was first spotted around this week as the biggest stories where seen in this section.
Android Police are noted to be the first ones catching on to this new section.
No one is 100% sure if this is in fact a permanent new section or something Google are testing out but it is a nice addition to the homepage.



Although when looking at the feeds they are a few hours old. But for most people even if the news is a few hours old it would still be breaking from them. So, it is still on par with the big news media companies but it will get to people who don’t use them.

YouTube is clocking billions of hours of video watching per day and the trend is not stopping. With millions of users via mobile or PCs using the site I do feel it about time that there was a section like this.

It may not show for everyone as some people have seen it and other have not. But so far you would have to logged in to get the feed if you where able to see it.

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