Best MTV Spring Break Photos Through the Years

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Best MTV Spring Break Photos Through the Years

What are you doing for spring break 2021? My plans include laying around my house wearing pajamas while I scroll through Instagram. It’s fine, I’m not bitter. Who needs things like sunlight and R&R when there are pizza bagel bites to be microwaved? Exactly. But back in the early aughts, spring break was a giant party that went down in Cancun every year hosted by the one and only MTV.

If you grew up watching MTV between 2000-2010, you likely have fond memories of Carson Daly hosting everyone from Destiny’s Child to Mandy Moore to Lindsay Lohan, while a bunch of barely-dressed college students frolicked in, IDK, pits of foam. It was truly the best of times and the most questionable of times. And while Spring Break MTV-style isn’t really an all-caps THING anymore, its memory will live on in our hearts forever. And um, there will always be these completely harrowing photos to look back on. Please be prepared because some of the fashion you’re about to see may cause irreparable damage to your eyeballs.

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