Best Movies in Theaters in December 2017 – Top Movie Releases This Month

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Best Movies in Theaters in December 2017 – Top Movie Releases This Month

Films interested in qualifying for next March’s Academy Awards must receive at least a token theatrical release before the end of 2017—meaning that this December is, per tradition, going to be absolutely overflowing with A-list projects. New movies from Steven Spielberg, P.T. Anderson, Guillermo Del Toro, Aaron Sorkin, and Alexander Payne will all arrive in multiplexes in the coming weeks, along with other star-studded features determined to make some headway with awards voters. Oh, and in case that wasn’t enough, there’s also a small little film called Star Wars: The Last Jedi premiering mid-month. Prepare to be busy, moviegoers.

The Shape of Water (Dec. 1)

Sally Hawkins is a marvel as a mute woman who, while working at a secret Baltimore research lab overseen by Michael Shannon’s nasty colonel, falls in love with a fish man in this fantastical romance from director Guillermo del Toro.

The Disaster Artist (Dec. 1)

An amusing James Franco directs and stars in this crazy true-life story about the making of The Room, a 2003 independent film by Tommy Wiseau that’s developed a cult following thanks to its sheer, uninhibited awfulness.

I, Tonya (Dec. 8)

Everyone knows the story of Tonya Harding, but director Craig Gillespie nonetheless shines a new, empathetic light on the figure skater’s rise and fall via this Martin Scorsese-influenced drama.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi (Dec. 15)

The intergalactic gang’s all back (including Luke Skywalker, looking mighty scruffy) in this heavily anticipated eighth installment in the principal Star Wars saga.

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle (Dec. 20)

Four teenagers are transported into a jungle-set video game—where they wind up looking like digital avatars played by Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, Jack Black, and Karen Gillan—in this follow-up to the Robin Williams-headlined 2005 family adventure.

The Greatest Showman (Dec. 20)

The origins of the Barnum & Bailey Circus are recounted by this lavish musical starring Hugh Jackman (as the circus impresario), Zac Efron, Michelle Williams, Rebecca Ferguson, and Zendaya.

Pitch Perfect 3 (Dec. 22)

Anna Kendrick and the rest of her a cappella-singing friends reunite for one last competition—this time against adversaries using instruments!—in this second sequel to the 2012 hit.

Downsizing (Dec. 22)

To cope with over-population, scientists devise a way to shrink people down to miniature size—a proposition that strikes Matt Damon as a great way to live his dream life—in this satire from director Alexander Payne, co-starring Christoph Waltz and Kristen Wiig.

The Post (Dec. 22)

Steven Spielberg teams with Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks for this oh-so-timely drama about the Pentagon Papers, the U.S. Department of Defense report that revealed the secret truth about American’s involvement in Vietnam.

Hostiles (Dec. 22)

Christian Bale’s 19th-century U.S. cavalry officer is charged with escorting a Cheyenne chief back to his tribal lands—a journey that forces him to face his own demons—in this Western from Crazy Heart director Scott Cooper.

Father Figures (Dec. 22)

In this R-rated buddy comedy, Owen Wilson and Ed Helms are twins who, upon learning that their father isn’t dead (as their mother had told them), embark on a cross-country quest to figure out which of their mom’s many ex-boyfriends is their dad.

Molly’s Game (Dec. 25)

Written and directed by Aaron Sorkin, this based-on-real-events drama stars Jessica Chastain as Molly Bloom, a former Olympic skiing hopeful who wound up running some of the country’s biggest high-stakes underground poker games.

Phantom Thread (Dec. 25)

Daniel Day-Lewis reteams with his There Will Be Blood director Paul Thomas Anderson for this 1950s London-set drama about a famous dressmaker and his knotty relationship with a younger woman (Vicky Krieps).

In the Fade (Dec. 27)

Diane Kruger won Best Actress at this year’s Cannes Film Festival for her performance as a woman fighting to see that the Nazis who killed her husband and son are justly punished in this thriller from German director Fatih Akin.

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