Best Anime on Netflix – Top Anime Series to Stream on Netflix

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Best Anime on Netflix – Top Anime Series to Stream on Netflix

Despite the word “anime” being used in Japan to simply describe any hand or computer-animated film/television, in the Western world, anime tends to conjure up a distinct genre and style of animated entertainment. But the genre is a world of its own: anime has become beloved worldwide for its rich visuals and narratives, along with its impassioned fanbases.

Perhaps one of the greatest distinctions that has made anime such a hit with American audiences is its subject matter. Unlike the majority of American cartoons, which are aimed at children, anime often explores more mature storylines, packed with action, drama, and high brow humor. Consider that, and it’s no wonder why a genre of television could withstand the test of time, providing the wonder of animated entertainment without sacrificing its substance.

Since anime has gained popularity among Western audiences, animated series in the U.S. and beyond have begun to take notes from the iconic industry. When it comes down to it though, nothing matches the signature appeal of the original stuff. Luckily, Netflix knows this. Whether you’re a longtime fan or a newbie, we’ve selected some of the best anime series Netflix has to offer.

Neon Genesis Evangelion

When the wrath of alien forces encroaches upon the fate of humanity, one teenager is tasked with joining his father’s shadowy crew of pilots to drive back the encroaching threat.

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Some days, we all want a way to escape our 9 to 5, but Aggretsuko takes that to the next level. The series is about a Red Panda who blows off steam after her monotonous office job by singing death metal singer at karaoke.

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Death Note

An aloof teenager by the name of Light Yagami comes across a mystical notebook that grants him the ability to kill anyone by simply writing their name in the book. As one might expect, this power comes with great responsibility…

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Fullmetal Alchemist

Two brothers, Edward and Alphonse Erlic, attempt to use alchemy to revive their deceased mother. However, when their venture leads to the destruction of their own bodies, they must seek out the philosopher’s stone that will restore them.

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A young ninja works to gain the prowess and recognition as his village’s Hokage: the supreme ninja and leader of the community.

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Devilman Crybaby

Director Masaaki Yuasa’s take on the classic manga series from Go Nagai, Devilman Crybaby follows one young man’s attempt to save humanity from invading demons. His plan to defeat them comes from the idea of a friend: to become half-demon himself.

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Hunter X Hunter

A young boy discovers that his father, whom he hasn’t seen since childhood, is a renowned Hunter, sent on fantastical missions like treasure and bounty hunting. Determined to become a Hunter in his own right, the boy embarks on a the most important hunt of all: the one for his own father.

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Your Lie in April

A piano prodigy finds his life in shambles after he loses his mother and, consequentially, his passion for music. However, his fate takes a turn when he meets a violin virtuoso who gives him a new reason to play.

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Kill la Kill

A young girl embarks on a journey to avenge her deceased father with a special weapon: half of a longsword shaped like a pair of scissors. The other half? Belongs to his killer. Yikes.

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One-Punch Man

A superhero with the ability to kill anyone with a single punch seeks an opponent worthy to match his strength.

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