Atlanta Season 2 Music – Donald Glover’s Atlanta Season Two Music Is Already a Must-Listen

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Atlanta Season 2 Music – Donald Glover’s Atlanta Season Two Music Is Already a Must-Listen

Atlanta doesn’t have a theme song. Instead it has something much better: a musical identity. The soundtrack is in many ways a character of its own, one that’s navigating the underground hip-hop scene as much as its characters Donald Glover’s Earn and Brian Tyree Henry’s Paper Boi are.

In the first scene of Atlanta’s first season back in 2016, the first song you hear is Migos’s “One Time” playing in the background from a car speaker. At that time, the Atlanta-affiliated trio wasn’t the ubiquitous success it is today. In fact, Migos were somewhat the first success story of Atlanta, gaining prominence through the show’s early traction to become the biggest hip-hop group of 2017. The 2016 phrase of the year was “feat. Migos.”

The music from Atlanta’s second season is in many ways as anticipated as the Emmy and Golden Globe-winning show itself. Donald Glover has an incredible ear for new talent. He is a musician, after all, one who has been nominated for seven Grammys, winning Best Traditional R&B Performance this year for “Redbone.”

And Glover is already doing it again in Season Two (which premieres March 1), with some excellent choices in the early teasers and trailers. Below, we’ll run down the music from Atlanta: Robbin’ Season in a ongoing list from each episode, so check back to stay up on the Glover-curated guide to what will inevitably be next year’s hits.

The first teaser: “Too Fast” by Sonder

Baltimore singer Brent Faiyaz is supported by producers Atu and Dpat on this sultry, and haunting track. “Too Fast” comes off the 2017 EP Into, and the group recently released the new single “One Night Only” in early 2018.

The first trailer: “Gap in the Clouds” by Yellow Days

London singer George van den Broek might still be a teenager, but he has the raspy soul of a much older R&B crooner. His track “Gap in the Clouds” only shows up briefly in the full Atlanta Season Two trailer, but it provides a small blast of nostalgic soul. The song comes off his 2016 album, Harmless Melodies.

This post will be updated throughout the season.

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