Arrested Development Season 5 Trailer

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Arrested Development Season 5 Trailer

Among the many complaints of Arrested Development’s uneven fourth season was that the show failed to bring together the entire Bluth family. Because of the actors’ busy schedules, the show focused each episode on individual or a handful of characters.

But as the show returns five years later this month, the long-awaited fifth season looks to correct that mistake. In the first trailer for Arrested Development’s fifth season, the entire family is back together again.

It looks like this season will focus on a local election, in which Lindsay is running for public office. Which was something creator Mitch Hurwitz told me about a few years ago:

I’m trying very hard to get it done because we have a great story to tell. The clock is ticking. We were putting up a wall before Trump was. There were so many things like that. We had a political race that was going to continue in the fifth season. A lot of people thought what Trump was doing was the more they try to self destruct because they don’t want office, the more the crowd gathers around them. Which was a viable theory about Trump.

Last week, Netflix also released a remixed cut of Season Four, which puts the show into chronological order. The fifth season of Arrested Development drops on May 29.

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